You probably remember Renee Zellweger. Where did she go? Like really..."Renee Zellweger" showed up at an event last night looking nothing like herself.

Zellweger was in quite a few hits in the 2000's. She was in the Bridget Jones franchise. She even co-starred with Jim Carrey in Me, Myself, and Irene. And who can forget her as the love interest in Jerry Maguire? The "squinty eye" look was kind of her thing.

We're not saying she looks bad AT ALL. We're just saying she doesn't look like herself.

Here's a side by side comparison to what she looked like in 2009 (left), and last night (right).

renee zellweger
Courtesy of Pascal Le Segretain/Frazer Harrison/Getty

Here she is in a similar pose from 2009 (left) and last night (right).

renee zellweger
Courtesy of Sean Gallup/Jason Merritt/Getty

I know many a person in Hollywood gets plastic surgery, or Botox, or other things. It generally doesn't make that person NOT look like themselves though. [Ed. Note: I don't know at all if that's the case...just a hunch]

One of my favorite responses on Twitter was this one:

I get that people age, and they'll look different. Buzzfeed even shows her side by side from last month to last night, and she looks different.

What's SO different that makes her look...well, SO different?

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