If you have driven through the Mamou, via Highway 13, chances are you have seen this small brick house upon entering the small cajun town. But what is the purpose of this small brick house?

The little house we locals often refer to as the "Little Pig's House" is used to house gas regulators. Yes, all of the gas that supplies the citizens of Mamou starts here.

However, for years many of the locals, and visitors of Mamou, had no idea what the house is for. I'll admit it here, I recently had to ask my dad what the purpose of this house is for.

So how did this house become known as the "Little Pig's House?" Well, we have all heard the story of the three little pigs and if you recall, there was one house that the "Big Bad Wolf" couldn't blow down---the brick house!!

As a matter of fact, my grandfather had three little pigs built out of plywood and had them erected in the front of this little house. Unfortuantely, a few bored teenagers in Mamou stole the pigs and destroyed them. Sad, right?

But if you look closely, the "Big Bad Wolf" survived and it is still on the top of the house. Next time you travel through Mamou, coming from Eunice, check this house out on your right.

Oh, and now that you know what this house is for, please don't toss your cigarette out as pass by.

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