My brother-in-law sent me a picture this morning asking me "what are the wings on the back of this car?", and I don't know the answer.

The picture was taken at the corner of Bertrand Drive and Johnston Street and, judging by the angle of the picture, the winged car was taking a left on Johnston to head towards UL.

At first glance, the "wings" look like sensors that might tell the driver if there is someone in their blind spot. But, I am not a sensor expert, so I may be way off. Maybe they are boudin sensors that send a message to the driver's dashboard to alert him or her when nearing a link of boudin, also giving the 8-digit grid coordinates along with the national average price-per-pound information for the day (because boudin matters). Again, I'm not a sensor expert, so I may be way off (wishful thinking, right?).

What do you think they are?


Wings on Car (Photo by Mike LeBlanc)


Wings on Car2 (Photo by Mike LeBlanc)


What do you think they are? Chime in!