We all lovvvvve watching the Waterford crystal ball being dropped at midnight in Times Square for New Year's. It's tradition, right? But not every place in America celebrates the new year with that beloved custom.

According to USA Today, here are a few rather, ummm, unusual ways that cities across the country plow into a brand new year. Cheers, y'all!

  • Passaic, New Jersey - Piñata drop. Even though the piñata is dropped from the tallest building in town, it won't contain the traditional candy or treats, only confetti. And the customary ban on alcoholic beverages is also lifted for the festivities.
  • Plymouth, Wisconsin - Big Sartori Cheese drop. At this family friendly event, which is at 10:00 pm, not midnight, lit up wedges of BellaVitano cheese will be dropped. And, the first 250 families there also get free cheese. Awesome!
  • Lebanon, Pennsylvania - Bologna drop. In the past, over 200 lbs of locally made bologna has been dropped, but this year the city has opted for a papier-mache mascot called ' The Bologna Ranger' to drop at midnight.
  • Memphis, Tennessee - Guitar drop. A 10 foot guitar drops at midnight from the Hard Rock Cafe downtown.
  • Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - Peeps Chick drop. Just Born Quality Confections will drop the 4-feet, 9-inches tall lit up peep at midnight. And no, it's not real candy (darn it).




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