There have been many hot takes when it came to The Weeknd's Super Bowl halftime performance, but the memes have taken center stage.

Regardless of your caliber of football fandom (or if you even cared about the big game at all), there is always one meme that tends to win the night when it comes to the Super Bowl, and this year the crown goes to The Weeknd.

During his halftime performance, The Weeknd ran through a medley of his hottest hits but it was the maze of glittery golden mirrored rooms that caught the attention of the internet.

In terms of imagery, The Weeknd's entire performance stayed true to the visual concept behind his most recent 'After Hours' project.

The bright lights of Sin City were perfectly recreated to mimic his trippy music video for 'Blinding Lights'—but viewers at home put the visual at the center of a variety of extremely relatable everyday experiences.

The Weeknd's stroll through the hallways, frantic looks, and dramatic looks made for a meme that certainly won the night.

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