It’s time for the Weekend WeWind! Here’s some crap you may have missed and/or what was probably important this week.

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  • LSU Football, KEEL story
    LSU Football, KEEL story

    Florida Restaurant Tries To Make Amends For Not Allowing LSU Fans Into Establishment

    Harry T’s in Destin, Florida is now trying to make amends for not letting an LSU fan into their establishment last weekend. Are their efforts too little, too late?

  • Joe Raedle, Getty Images
    Joe Raedle, Getty Images

    Local Business Icon Ed Krampe Dead At 75

    According to a source close to his family, Ed Krampe, who owns almost two dozen McDonald's locations and other businesses in Acadiana, has died at the age of 75.


    The Strange New Orleans Legend Of ‘The Grunch’

    As Louisianans, it's no shock to us that we have probably the most urban legends of any state in the country. We have so many, that I've lived here my entire life and still stumble across stories I've never heard. Today I came across the legend of "The Grunch" and it's just as strange as it sounds.

  • YouTube

    Mysterious Floating City Appears In Clouds Above Chinese City [Watch]

    Well, this is freaky. There’s video of what appears to be a city, floating in the clouds above Foshan in China’s Guangdong province.


    Dead Guy in The Envelope

    Dead Guy In The Envelope brought to you by Motor City on Johnston! The Jackpot is well over $1,000! Check out all of the previous clues, and incorrect guesses.

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