‘Mad Men’ Season 5 returns to AMC on Sunday, March 25th with a two-hour premiere.  We already know that you’re pretty excited to see Christina Hendricks.  Who isn’t?  After those naked photos leaked all over the internet, we have an itch for Christina that only an episode of ‘Mad Men’ can scratch.

In celebration of the new season of ‘Mad Men’, tributes have been popping up all over the internet.  We already told you about the drinking game and 8-bit video game, but this time we’re going to show you a sexy tribute to our favorite secretary, Joan Holloway.  That’s right, this is a Supercut of Joan Holloway leaving the room. For some reason (and we KNOW the reason) the camera shot never fades before Joan leaves and for that we are thankful.

We hate to see her go, but we love to watch her leave.

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