A video is going viral of a teenager driving a vehicle and ramming other cars in a Walmart parking lot. In the video you see the teenage boy apologizing to the person who is recording for hitting their car. Right after the apology, you see the teenager drive off and then ramming into a parked truck, and then hitting another car.

The video that was recorded in a Semmes, Alabama parking lot has been posted all over social media and is blowing up.

The woman who owns the blue car that is shown banged up at the beginning of the video is the best friend of the woman who posted the video to TikTok. She told WKRG News 5 the following:

I was checking out inside of Dollar Tree when a witness came in and told everyone that a blue car had just been hit in the parking lot. Just my luck, it was my little blue car that had been hit while parked. After confronting the 17y/o, he lied and said he didn’t hit my car. While listening to witnesses tell me otherwise, he attempts to elude the scene of the wreck. He then hits two more PARKED cars during his failed escape. He gets out of the car runs into the nail salon to get the owner of the car. Apparently, he was unlicensed and driving the car without permission.

Because it was in a private parking lot, a police report couldn’t be filed. According to WKRG, the owner of the cars said their insurance company has ensured that everything will be taken care of.

This is insane.

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