Radiohead turned in a sprawling, nearly two-hour-long headlining set at Coachella 2012 on Saturday night (April 14), putting an exclamation point on an impressive second day of festival performances. Opening with the atmospheric ‘Bloom,’ the lead track off last year’s ”The King of Limbs,’ the band tore through a 20-song set that was heavy on ‘Limbs’ cuts but reached all the way back to 1997′s ‘OK Computer,’ represented here with a handful of tunes including demonic disco number ‘Idioteque’ and the punchy, prog-ish ‘Paranoid Android,’ the night’s final number.

Wearing his hair pulled back in a ponytail and busting out the spastic dance moves best documented in the band’s ‘Lotus Flower’ video, Thom Yorke switched off between guitar and only mic throughout the night. ‘King of Limb”s precise polyrhythms were achieved with the addition of touring drummer Clive Deamer from Portishead; guitarists Jonny Greenwood and Ed O’Brien both joined in on rack toms for ‘There, There,’ bringing the total number of percussionists to a jam-band-like four.

Other highlights included the stunning ‘Pyramid Song,’ featuring Yorke on upright piano, his back facing the crowd; and ‘Everything in Its Right Place,’ which included an extended intro bolstered by a brief cover of Neil Young‘s ‘After the Gold Rush.’ Check out the set list below and then watch Radiohead’s entire performance further down the page.

Radiohead’s Coachella 2012 Week One Set List:
1. ‘Bloom”
2. ’15 Step’
3. ‘Weird Fishes/Arpeggi’
4. ‘Morning Mr. Magpie’
5. ‘Staircase’
6. ‘The Gloaming
7 Pyramid Song’
8. ‘The Daily Mail’
9. ‘Myxomatosis’
10. ‘Karma Police’
11. ‘Identikit’
12. ‘Lotus Flower’
13. ‘There There’
14. ‘Bodysnatchers’
15. ‘Idioteque’

16. ‘Lucky’
17. ‘Reckoner’
18. ‘After The Gold Rush’ (Neil Young cover snippet) –> ’Everything in Its Right Place’

19. ‘Give Up the Ghost’
20. ‘Paranoid Android’

Watch Radiohead’s Entire Coachella 2012 Week One Set

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