Nothing More, Sleepwave, and Tandem played one HELL of a show at The District! Watch videos from the show!

The night started off with Lafayette's own Tandem! They never disappoint, so be sure to catch them at their next show!

Sleepwave took the stage and blew people's minds! Here's Sleepwave doing their song "Rock n Roll Is Dead And So Am I" live at The District:

After Sleepwave, it was time for Nothing More to take the stage. This was Nothing More's first show of a months long tour with Sleepwave. I'll be honest, y'all. I think Nothing More saw Sleepwave's set, and said, "Whoa! We gotta BRING IT!" and bring it they did! Here they are doing their hit song "This Is The Time (Ballast)" live at The District:

Thank you to everyone who came out to this No Dough Show! It's people like you who make it possible to bring these great bands to town!

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