It’s Championship Sunday this weekend and everyone involved is excited about the great matchups set to take place. Cincinnati Bengal’s fans started their trash talk before even finishing their game against the Bills. Bengal players and fans started referring to the Chiefs, Arrowhead Stadium, as “Burrowhead.” Joe Burrow is undefeated in Arrowhead and he had never lost to Patrick Mahomes. Burrow also defeated Mahomes and the Chiefs in Arrowhead to advance to the Super Bowl just last season.

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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Fans and players aren’t the only ones who are involved in the trash talk lately as the mayor of Cincinnati has made his trash talk loud and clear via social media and proclamation. Cincinnati mayor, Aftab Pureval started his video by declaring the Chiefs stadium is known as “Burrowhead” and implies that Joe owns that stadium.

He went on to point out the score from the AFC Championship game last year and reminded Patrick Mahomes that he has never beaten Joe Burrow yet. The mayor even went as far as to say that Mahomes should take a paternity test to prove that Joe Burrow is really his father.

Mayor Pureval didn’t stop at just trash-talking the Chiefs. He took it a step further by issuing an official proclamation for January 29th. He released an official document that declares January 29th as “They Gotta Play Us Day.”

First things first, I have to say that I love the guts and support the mayor of Cincinnati has shown for his team. With that said, I will say he is giving the Chiefs just way more bulletin board material than they already had. If this game does not go the way the Bengals want, you can believe that Chiefs nation will never let them forget it. Do you like this move by the mayor or do you think he just cursed the Bengals?

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