Anthrax legend Scott Ian finally got his moment of undead glory on The Walking Dead. For Sunday's (March 1) episode of the AMC hit, Ian was in full zombie mode, meeting his end as Carl Grimes spiked a metal pole through the rocker's skull.

It's taken Scott Ian four years to actually make it onto an episode of The Walking Dead. Back in 2011, the guitarist was transformed into a flesh eating walker, but the cameo was only featured on a webisode. With even better zombie makeup this time around, Scott Ian shot an additional scene in 2014, which made it to air on Episode 12 of the show's fifth season.

On Feb. 24, Scott Ian posted a photo of himself in walker makeup:


To give the zombie Scott Ian credit, he came pretty close to biting Rick Grimes. Hidden under a pile of garbage, Ian got his hand on Rick's leg. However, that was as close as Ian got to converting either Rick or Carl into a member of the world's undead army.

In a heartwarming moment, Rick gave Carl (his young son) the pole in a scene of father/son bonding. Carl plunged the metal pole through Ian's rotting head -- and it was lights out for the Anthrax veteran.

Watch Scott Ian get killed in the video above and be sure to catch the next episode of The Walking Dead as it airs on AMC Sundays at 9PM ET.

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