In the middle of the biggest health crisis in the world, it's still kind of jarring that we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, today. On April 22, 1970, ABC News correspondent Frank Reynolds takes a look at a world that we sometimes long for, and wish we could have back. Watch 'Earth Day: An SOS for Survival' in it's entirety below.

In case you have forgotten what was going on in the world in 1970, here's a few highlights:

  • The Beatles break up
  • Apollo 13 has an accident on it's way to the moon
  • Boeing 747 makes it's first flight
  • The US invades Cambodia
  • The Chicago Seven defendants were found guilty of inciting a riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention
  • The Environmental Protection Agency was founded
  • 100,000 people demonstrate in Washington, DC against the Vietnam War
  • The United States lowers the voting age to 18
  • California becomes the first state to institute a 'No Fault' divorce law
  • The National Guard fires upon, and kills, 4 protestors at Kent State University





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