Brandon Hargrave, owner of the Covington franchise of Walk-Ons, has apologized for a recent Facebook rant that featured a video of African-American children taking candy from his front porch.

Brandon Hargrave Facebook Rant
Brandon Hargrave Facebook Rant

Hargrave's apology came after Walk-On's issued the following statement:

"We have been made aware of the social media post made by Brandon Hargrave, the franchise owner of the Covington location, on his personal account and remained shocked by its offensive nature. We do not condone this type of behavior and although Mr. Hargrave’s location is independently owned and operated, we have urged him to make a formal apology. As a franchise system, we pride ourselves on providing a welcoming environment throughout the communities we operate, and are therefore addressing this issue with the utmost attention."


Hargrave expressed being "regretful for making the post and (for being) deeply sorry for the offense and pain it has caused."

BELOW is Hargrave's apology, which was sent to WAFB:

"I want to reach out and sincerely apologize for the inappropriate social media post made on my personal account over the weekend. I am regretful for making the post and am deeply sorry for the offense and pain it has caused. This regrettable action is not a reflection of my values or who I am as a person, my role as an active community member, or as a local business owner- anyone who knows my heart will know this. I respect and value all members of my community. I am remorseful for my thoughtless words, and ask for everyone’s forgiveness."




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