Do you have a tattoo that makes you cringe every single time you look at it? Do you feel like kicking yourself every time you see that horrible artwork on your body? Well, Planet Radio 105.1 and our friends at Coccolare have teamed up once again to give you the chance to ‘Undo Your Tattoo’ and get rid of that regrettable ink forever!

We've gathered the best (or should we say "worst") photo entries, and it's up to you to pick a winner! Now through Friday, July 24th at noon, you can cast your vote for who you think deserves to win the Undo Your Tattoo Contest. We'll announce the winner during the Cosmic Commute on the 24th after we tally up the votes. The person with the most votes will win a free tattoo removal courtesy of Coccolare and Planet Radio 105.1!

Good luck!

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