"Even a slight wrong move can be your last."

When walking across streets, do you always follow the laws? Do you wait for the sign to give you the go-ahead to start walking, or do you just cross when you've looked both ways at a busy intersection?

It might just save your life to follow what the little sign says!

In France, in order to make pedestrians aware that "even a slight wrong move can be your last," a situation was set up that tracked when someone walked when they weren't supposed to. When this happened, a loud screech of a car braking played, followed by a picture being taken of the pedestrian's terrified face.

The photo was then displayed with the message, "Don't take the risk to face death. Respect the traffic lights when you cross the road."

There are 4,500 pedestrians a year that are victims of traffic collisions in France.

Pretty genius way to get your point across, if you ask me.

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