According to reports, a man from Ville Platte has been arrested after an incident that involved his ex-girlfriend shooting him in each of his legs. The man allegedly broke a restraining order when he broke into the woman's house and attempted to sexually assault her.

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A report says that on January 26, 2022 a woman went to the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office and told authorities that she had shot her ex-boyfriend. The Sheriff's Office says that the woman has a restraining order on her ex-boyfriend due to previous domestic violence incidents per the report.

The report goes on to say that the man allegedly showed up to the woman's home and kicked in the front door. From there, the man went to his ex-girlfriend's bedroom and allegedly attempted to sexually assault her. The woman's child entered the bedroom at this time and the man proceeded to put the child in a different bedroom per the report.

When the man allegedly attempted to continue his assault, the woman reached for a gun and shot him in the leg. As the man reportedly attempted to wrestle the gun from the woman, she fired another shot which apparently hit him in the other leg.

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After reportedly being shot in both legs, the man took the gun and fled the home. He reportedly took himself to the hospital for treatment. After his release, the man was reportedly arrested by Evangeline Parish Sheriff's detectives. He then denied all allegations of the incident per the report.

The latest says that the man is currently being held in jail without bond.

See the full report from @KLFY on Twitter below.

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