A Florida family's Christmas cruise ship vacation turned into a real life horror movie as they witnessed something they couldn't believe - blood gushing from one of the cruise ship's elevators. If the sight and smell of this wasn't bad enough, what caused this bone chilling event makes this story even more disturbing.

Matt Davis and his wife said there was so much blood pouring out of the elevator it sounded like rain. When the doors to the elevator opened, they say there was a man inside the elevator who “Ran through the blood that was coming down.”

It was literally a scene straight out of the movie "The Shining". However, the cause of this macabre event takes this story to a tragic new level.

“A crew member or somebody was inside or behind that wall when the elevator came down, and I don’t know what happened, but something terrifying happened,” Matt Davis said.

WFTX-TV reached out to the Miami-Dade Police Department, which is investigating the death. A spokesperson said in an email the victim is 66-year-old Jose Sandoval Opazo, an electrician aboard the ship. He died Sunday night, and the cause is still under investigation."

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