I know, I had to read that a few times too before it sink in. Here in Acadiana, we're lucky enough to make it onto numerous great top 10 lists... food, business, tourism and culture to name a few. I guess the law of averages eventually wouldn't play in our favor at some point, and it looks like that time is now... or is it?

Trojan has released the college rankings of their 8th Annual Trojan Sexual Health Report Card. They rank 141 colleges around the U.S. from best to worst in terms of sexual health. Princeton University topped the list as the number 1 college you're LEAST likely to catch an STD. However, the top 10 is of no concern to us. What is of concern to us is the bottom 10 on the list.

131. University of Louisiana At Lafayette

132. St. John's University-New York

133. Seton Hall University

134. Savannah State University

135. Louisiana Tech University

136. University of New Orleans

137. Troy State University

138. Providence College

139. Chicago State University

140. Brigham Young University

Yep, UL is number 10 on the list of colleges you're MOST likely to catch an STD. But BREATHE...This isn't what it appears to be...

Now, before you go all nutty, we need to think about why and how UL landed on this list. Is it really because SO MANY students are walking around with sexual diseases? Actually, no.

This list is based on the amount of healthcare facilities, healthcare programs, and preventative measures made available to the students. As you'll notice, most of these colleges are in pretty conservative areas of the country. 3 on this list are in Louisiana. As far as why Chicago State University is on this list...um...hmmm...

So, NO this doesn't mean that UL students are dirty, unclean freak-a-leaks. It only means that because of the lack of health facilities and care made available to students here, it COULD POTENTIALLY be a breading ground for sexual diseases.

So, now go back to being PROUD to be a RAGIN CAJUN!!


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