Only in Louisiana does a state University need to warn students about the potential dangers they may encounter during Alligator mating season.

But this is exactly what happened at our prestigious UL Lafayette where an email was sent to students to offer them some tips in order to ensure their safety during this period of time.

alligator email

The email reminds students that Cypress Lake is home to a plethora of unique swamp wildlife including turtles, fish--and yes--alligators. 

According to the email, alligator mating season begins in May or June, before females build nests and deposit eggs.

The eggs will hatch from mid-August through early September, after 63-68 days of incubation.

The email encourages students, faculty, and staff to be mindful around the swamp during this time by:

  • Staying at least 10 feet from retention walls.
  • Supervising children.
  • Avoiding bringing pets near Cypress Lake.
  •  Not feeding or antagonize the alligators.

Cypress Lake is recognized for being the managed wetland on a college campus in the United States. It is located behind the student union. 


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