After a 16 year absence, reunited hard rockers Ugly Kid Joe are back with new EP called ‘Stairway to Hell.’ Get all the details on their return and stream the entire six-song EP in full here.

Ugly Kid Joe achieved platinum sales on the strength of songs like their infectious, tongue-in-cheek rocker ‘Everything About You’ and their cover of Harry Chapin’s ‘Cats in the Cradle’ in the early ’90s. After failing to repeat the success of their debut album, ‘America’s Least Wanted,’ the group disbanded in 1997.

The band announced that they planned to reunite in 2009 and after a few years of delays, their official comeback has arrived. Ugly Kid Joe’s revival includes all the members that were in the band at the time of their split, including Godsmack drummer Shannon Larkin. In keeping with the theme of ironic album names — much like their last release, 1996′s ‘Motel California’ — their new album is a six-song EP titled ‘Stairway to Hell.’

Ugly Kid Joe is playing a number of music festivals overseas this summer — including the massive Download Festival — and will be the main supporting act for Guns N’ Roses when they perform in Tel Aviv, Israel, on July 3. Drummer Shannon Larkin will likely not be performing with the band on tour, as some of the dates conflict with Godsmack’s touring schedule. For more details on where and when you can see Ugly Kid Joe, their official tour schedule is available on their Myspace page.

Stream Ugly Kid Joe’s ‘Stairway to Hell’

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