Whether it was intentional or not, when you break the numbers down, there is most definitely a dig at the Atlanta Falcons in Tyrann Mathieu's contract with the New Orleans Saints!


The Honey Badger Comes Home

Earlier this month, the New Orleans Saints were finally able to make a reality of the dream that many fans, and players, had, and brought the Honey Badger home.

Tyrann Mathieu was born and raised in New Orleans, went to school at LSU, and was drafted off into the NFL playing field. He began his career with the Cardinals, before spending time with the Texans and Chiefs (with whom he won a Super Bowl), and is now back in New Orleans, where he hopes to play out the rest of his career.



Tyrann Mathieu's Contract Has Unintentional Dig at Falcons

Mathieu, who is now 29, signed a three year contract with the Saints with a two year team option attached. There's only a two year guarantee. If he makes the team in 2024, he gets a $2 million bonus.

Here's the breakdown of his contract:


When you get down to the nitty gritty, you may have noticed a number in there that is an unintentional (or possibly intentional!) dig at the Atlanta Falcons.

As we all know, in Super Bowl LI, the Falcons took a 28-3 lead over the New England Patriots in the third quarter. The Falcons would never score in that game again. Leaving Tom Brady and the Pats to make the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history to win the game. "28-3" became the biggest laugh across the NFL, especially for Saints fans.

If you take a good look at Mathieu's contract up there, you may notice the total value of his contract. $28.3 million. 28-3. Coincidence? Probably. But the idea that they may have thrown that into a contract is hilarious and immeasurable, showing how far the Saints front office will go to troll their biggest rivals.


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