It's a lonely feeling. A feeling as if you're on the fringes of space and your last chance at communicating with the civilized world is fading away. Okay, I probably overdramatized the anxiety I feel when my iPhone battery has dipped in to "the red".

We live and breathe with those bombs in our pockets called mobile phones. For some reason, we feel more comfortable when that "bomb" is fully charged and ready to explode with texts, calls, pictures, and social media hijinx.

There are two problematic places where technology experts warn against charging that phone if you're on the go.


The two places I am speaking of are your car and the airport. I know, I better explain.

Plugging your phone into a charging station at an airport instantly opens your device to be compromised. Think about it, one bad guy can hack into one charging station and voila, he's got thousands of new devices under his control from just a week of airport travelers.

The problem with charging your device in the car is more of a hardware issue than a hacker issue. Tech experts say most car charging ports don't provide adequate electricity for your phone to properly charge. That could lead to battery issues and performance issues.

Another car charging problem could be that prolonged charging could actually compromise your car's battery. However, if the battery dies and leaves you stranded at least you have a phone that you can use to call someone.

While most of us will read this and say, "Who Cares". Those anal retentive tech types will suggest that you purchase a portable USB battery charger. They work really well. They work really fast. They don't compromise any aspect of your phone usage, sensitive information, or automotive performance.

Another thing those portable USB devices do is eliminate the excuse of "my phone wasn't charged". They make a great gift for wives, kids, and other people in your life who consistently live on the edge of dying battery.



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