When you go to jail, you lose privileges of normal everyday life. That is why you do not want to go to jail. Well, I can think of a thousand other reasons why you wouldn't want to go to jail, but, that's not the point here. Facebook is definitely something you do not get to participate in if you are incarcerated. Well, unless you're these two crafty inmates.

Tommy Bourque and Robert Domingue are the two Lafayette Parish inmates who have been slick enough to pull off such a feat, for about the past month, undetected from inside the jail house. Discovered by KATC's Erin Stuber, the two have updated their Facebook profiles for the past month about jail problems...annoying cellies, roll calls, and so on...read for yourself below.


But, how could they be pulling this off? Captain Kip Judice wants an answer to this question as well. Judice tells KATC

"Every inmate is completely strip searched when they come into the facility," said Judice. "Certainly no body cavity searches are conducted unless there is a cause for it, there has to be some kind of cause for a cavity search."


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