We've all had "like majorly intense conversations" over the years with our friends about some of our favorite bands, but who ever thought to record those phone conversations? Well, thankfully two guys in the early '90s had a memorable conversation that has just been animated as part of a new web series called 'The Derek Tape.'

In this episode, a stoner named Derek and record store clerk Kurt start discussing Mercyful Fate, and Kurt asks how he can get "introduced to that band." As Derek explains, "Mercyful Fate has all kinds of songs," and he tells his pal to "Trip out on this song, dude," as he suggests that Kurt listen to first song on the band's 1983 debut album, 'Melissa.'

The animated renderings as Derek recites the lyrics to Mercyful Fate's 'Evil' are priceless. You can check out Episode 3 of the conversation between Kurt and Derek in the player above, and catch the entire series via Found Magazine and DailyMotion at this location.

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