Every now and then we get a subtle reminder that people who are famous can often be famous for more than one reason. For example, depending on who you ask, George Foreman was either one hell of a boxer or he made one hell of a countertop grill.

The same can be said for a number of famous athletes. Many of you might now remember Tony Romo as an NFL quarterback but he was before he started pimping those really stylish ladies shoes he wears.

Some of you might also recall that Terry Bradshaw was once a pretty darn good NFL quarterback before he turned to acting, television, and becoming a spokesperson for a Louisiana based casino.

Then there is Orenthal James Simpson, you know O.J. He's had more than a few things happen in his life since he left the field of play. There was a time when O.J. was the best running back in the NFL. He parlayed his NFL notoriety into quite a lucrative acting career.

He lept over suitcases in car rental commercials and was one of the stars of the Naked Gun Movies. He also found his way onto our television screens in the late 90s for something other than football.

You probably remember the slow-speed Bronco chase, the trial of the century, the glove that didn't fit, all that led to O.J. being acquitted in the double murder of his former wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

After he dodged that bullet O.J. still managed to spend time behind bars on another unrelated crime. Well, in the years since he has been out of jail. O.J. has kept himself busy playing golf and searching for the "real killers" of his former wife and Goldman.

It's okay, that made me laugh too.

Meanwhile, that hasn't stopped O.J. from socializing as only O.J. can. You can see by this video he is still a known commodity.

You'll notice the gal in the video is quite pleased to have her photo and video taken with the former NFL great but as O.J. leans in for something a little extra perhaps our girl makes a move reminiscent of O.J. in his playing days. She slipped that kiss and ducked away from the affection.

As you might imagine Twitter has more than a little fun with the comments with comments like " If the kiss don't miss, then you must dismiss" and "He would be a killer date" and "You better watch your back because the new Ford Broncos are out to".

Ahh, social media, you never seem to say never and in O.J's case, I think he still probably needs to be on the receiving end of some more grief. Especially if he is going to be hitting on young women in a bar.

Now, if you find yourself needing to be photographed with someone famous, you might choose one of these folks. I don't think any of them have dismembered anyone recently.

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