To put it bluntly, this year's college football season has been wild. From TCU making the playoffs and going to the championship. To having Alabama miss out on the playoff and while in a rebuilding year LSU goes 10-4. However, the wildest event to happen in college football occurred at the Cotton Bowl. Tulane pulled off the upset of the century beating USC 46-45.

Tulane had been good all season; it was their best year playing football since they won the Sugar Bowl in 1940. But to come back and win against a Lincoln Riley led team who mind you also has the Heisman winner in Caleb Williams is a miracle, to say the least.

Tulane was down 30-35 going into the 4th quarter. Where in the 4th USC collapsed and Tulane found a spark and won the game. It began with a safety where defensive tackle Patrick Jenkins hammered USC running back Austin Jones in the endzone. The Green Wave not only received 2 points but the ball as well. And with 10 seconds left in the game, Tulane found the endzone on a pass play to win the game. Quarterback Michael Pratt found Alex Bauman in the endzone to end the game; however, it was initially ruled incomplete, but on further review, it was declared a catch. And that catch solidified the game for Tulane.

The Tulane fans lost it after that score and so did social media. The response to Tulane winning the game was priceless.

Reactions Around The World On Tulane Beating USC

What a win for Tulane and its program. However, this was a huge loss for Lincoln Riley and USC. With Deion Sanders coming to the west a loss like this will alter the recruiting of USC. It will be interesting to see the repercussions of this loss. But again congrats to the Green Wave of Tulane on this spectacular win.

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