The ex-husband of the woman believed to be the person in radio and tv ads has decided to sue his ex-wife and the other candidate Candyce Perret for defamation. The ads target Candyce Perret's opponent Third Circuit Court of Appeals candidate Susan Theall.

The ads were paid for by the Perret Campaign.

Attorney Kirk Piccione says that Nick Schittone felt he had to sue for defamation because of allegations in the ads.

Piccione tells KPEL that the law enforcement officer says the allegations are "a nuclear bomb for his career" as a state trooper.

Piccione says the court records show that the ex-wife, Brooke Stoma, talked about 50/50 custody with the trooper, and petitioned the court that he have partial custody with her.

Piccione contends that contradicts what the ads say that she feels her life and the lives of her children are in danger.

The suit seeks reasonable compensation.

Candyce Perret and Susan Theall face each other in the run off election this Saturday following what has been a contentious election process.

We were in contact with two people from Candyce Perret's campaign about the things said in the radio and tv ads. They had no comment yesterday other than to say they have not released the identity of the woman, "Sarah", speaking in the ad.

This morning Marie Centanni, with the Perret campaign, sent us this statement,

"This is a clear political stunt and is a frivolous attempt to distract from Susan Theall's record as judge. If Ms. Theall truly believed the ad was a misrepresentation, she could have filed a complaint through the proper venue to address this matter, the Judicial Campaign Oversight Committee."

We are also asking Ms. Theall if she plans to file a complaint.