Toys 'R' Us are selling the Breaking Bad action figures, some of which come with fake meth! As you can imagine, some parents are voicing their concern.

So, you mean to tell me my 4-year-old (that I just made up for this story. Let's call him Ned) shouldn't be watching Breaking Bad or playing with fake meth?

Here's the Walter White action figure:

breaking bad action figure walter white
Buzzfeed via

And here's the Jesse Pinkman action figure:

breaking bad action figure jesse pinkman
Buzzfeed via

The fake meth can be seen HERE.

Toys 'R' Us made a statement about selling the Breaking Bad action figures. They told NBC:

The product packaging clearly notes that the items are intended for ages 15 and up, and are located in the adult action figure area of our stores.

I do realize that Toys 'R' Us is geared at children, but if you just look at it at face value, Toys in Toys 'R' Us...these action figures are toys. Some adults enjoy having things like this too.

Should it just be made for online orders, then?

Wanna get nit-picky? The spelling of 'R' in Toys 'R' Us is teaching Ned improper grammar!

Do you think that Toys R Us should be carrying these Breaking Bad action figures?

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