People around the world witnessed a rare event on Sunday evening as a total lunar eclipse occurred creating what we know as a 'blood moon'; this event only occurs every 18 years making it quite the spectacle.

For those who may not understand exactly what a total lunar eclipse/super moon is, it occurs when the Moon is full and at its closest point to Earth. Earth's shadow completely covers the Moon.

1982 was the last time this event occurred and we will not see it again until 2033. A lunar eclipse in general are not rare, they just occur when we sound asleep and snoring.

For some of us here in Louisiana, the clouds made it pretty tough to watch the entire event in full. However, you can still see this beautiful lunar event in photos after the fact. It's pretty neat to know that as we look up at the moon during this great event, people around the world are witnessing it as well.


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