I saw someone describe it as "the most Canadian thing ever."

When Kevin Durant went down in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, there were some Toronto Raptors fans that actually thought it would be a good idea to cheer after his injury. That's right, as Kevin Durant sat clutching his leg, some in attendance at Scotiabank Arena applauded his misfortune.

Almost immediately, Raptors players visibly scolded their home crowd, encouraging them to cheer for KD instead of his injury. Within seconds, the crowd went from jeering Durant to cheering his name as he exited the court.

Social media lit up, specifically with professional athletes who were "disgusted" to see a crowd cheer on the injury of a player.

It should be noted that they were cheering on the injury of a guy who knew he would highly risk making his injury worse by playing, but his team was in a do-or-die situation and his solid start before going down may be what they needed to hold on by the skin of their teeth to win Game 5.

Both coaches and players commented on the situation during their post-game pressers saying that there is no place for behavior that seemed "so eerie and strange" hoping that they wouldn't experience this "ugliness" again in the series moving forward.

The Finals head back to Oakland for Game 6 on Thursday. If the Warriors hold on, Game 7 will be played Sunday in Toronto. Will bad karma continue to play a factor against the Raptors?

Only time will tell.

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