The new year is almost here. A new year brings hope and possibility. Apparently, if your name is on this list, it also brings the possibility of getting pregnant. Is your name on the list? has complied the "Top 10 Names Of Women Who Will Get Pregnant In 2017". says "Using just a little bit of arithmetic, we can make a pretty good guess at the names of women who, in 2017, will get pregnant for the first time."

So basically, they used the average age of when a woman gets pregnant for the first time, which currently falls between the ages of 26 and 27. So, subtract 26 from 2016 and that puts us looking at the most common names for girls born in 1990. Make sense?

If you're 26 or 27, or will be next year, and your name is on this list, there's a pretty good chance you'll be havin' a little bundle of joy next year!

1) Jessica
2) Ashley
3) Brittany
4) Amanda
5) Samantha
6) Sarah
7) Stephanie
8) Jennifer
9) Elizabeth
10) Lauren

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