Can someone go and help the 'Today' crew?

Without the New Orleans voice of Hoda hosts Jenne Bush Hager and Meredith Viera were puzzled at the term "go-cup," after it was announced as one of the new words added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. The moment I knew they had no clue what they were talking about was when Bush Hager asked why the "to" wasn't included (to go-cup).

Viera went on to suggest that the word was just a passing fad.

Why do these words need to be in a dictionary? But these are words that are going to come and go. They’re not words like 'octopus'. ... It shouldn't be in there, it should be 'go-away cup.'

I know Hoda Kotb is on maternity leave, but she needs to hurry back and explain to these ladies how "go-cups" work and introduce them to the joys of freely walking around with a drink. Hoda's got some pretty solid ties to New Orleans being that she anchored at WWL-TV from 1992-'98 so she could easily introduce the go-cup to her colleagues.

The technical definition of the go-cup is "a plastic or paper cup used especially for taking a beverage off the premises of a bar, restaurant, etc."

Luckily, no one in Lafayette will ever be perplexed by the go-cup thanks to certain open container laws that allow us to roam freely with alcoholic beverages (just no glass) in certain areas of town and during special events. The same laws apply in New Orleans, in the French Quarter and other areas of town.

Come to think of it, maybe the official spelling of the new Merriam-Webster addition should have been "Geaux-Cup."

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