Back in March of 1969, Rolling Stone writer John Mendelsohn wrote a scathing negative review for Led Zeppelin's first album, Led Zeppelin. The article has since become infamous, as we all know how Zeppelin's career turned out, and how great that album really is. For this Throwback Thursday, check out the original article!

I mean, don't get me wrong. Dude loves him some Jimmy Page. He absolutely HATES "the Zeppelin".

Jimmy Page, around whom the Zeppelin revolves, is, admittedly, an extraordinarily proficient blues guitarist and explorer of his instrument's electronic capabilities. Unfortunately, he is also a very limited producer and a writer of weak, unimaginative songs, and the Zeppelin album suffers from his having both produced it and written most of it (alone or in combination with his accomplices in the group).


And here's the last paragraph of the article.

In their willingness to waste their considerable talent on unworthy material the Zeppelin has produced an album which is sadly reminiscent of Truth. Like the Beck group they are also perfectly willing to make themselves a two- (or, more accurately, one-a-half) man show. It would seem that, if they're to help fill the void created by the demise of Cream, they will have to find a producer (and editor) and some material worthy of their collective attention.


In 2003, and again in 2012, Rolling Stone placed this album at number 29 of it's 500 greatest albums of all time...

I thought you guys might enjoy this little ditty for a Throwback Thursday. Feel free to pass it along.

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