We're nearing the end of the Major League Baseball's offseason with just 34 days until the official start of Spring Training where hope springs eternal, see what I did there?

This will be a fresh start to every single one of the 30 teams in baseball but while it's still the offseason, do you ever wonder what the stadiums get used for when the team's aren't using them to play games and chase pennants? Some use them for concerts, spartan race events, parties, ceremonies, fund raiser, etc.

Well, on Wednesday we found another use for Kauffman Stadium where the Kansas City Royals call home and it is..... Using the stadiums giant center field screen to play the widely popular video game, Mario Kart.

You heard that right, Mario Kart. If you don't believe me take a look for yourself:

I think all of us who are video gamers at heart would revel in the opportunity to play some of our favorite games on a screen as giant as the one in Kauffman Stadium. Color me jealous, I love Mario Kart.

Which game would you love to play on a giant screen like this?


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