The internet has all sorts of things and since we all use it nowadays, sometimes we come across some really shocking things.  Well, today was that day for us.

Everybody on Earth uses Amazon and while we were browsing through it we found some eye-catching books. Although they're designed to look like children's books, they definitely shouldn't be on a child's bookshelf

For adults, the titles of some of these books (depending on your sense of humor) will make you laugh. These books are written by author Bimisi Tayanita. 

As you can see, the books are designed to mimic traditional children's books, but the titles and content are as far from kids' literature as you can get. Here are a few of the covers.


A second series of books has been released including titles like Brenda's Beave Plays a Round, Jiggle Wiggle Tickle Pickle, Lucy Lickalotopus Goes Down South and Peter Pitched a Tent. 

All of those books are from her series two of the books called the Reach Around Series. We were like huh?

There is no way these books are for children. But if you are an adult, and have a sense of humor that appreciates the double entendre, these titles are hilarious. These would be great gag gifts for adults, but in no way should children have these...ever.

The internet is full of some crazy things and we thought these were right up there on the list.

We just wanted to make you laugh today!

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