Sometimes we just have to remember that celebrities are just like us. They do stupid things, and hope nobody notices, but that just isn't our reality any more. Let's leave out the fame and fortune factors for a minute, and take a look at some of our favorite famous people, and the countries that say they are no longer welcome there. Some are for infractions that have us scratching our heads, and, of course, it's never fun when someone tells you that you are not welcome. Yikes. According to the folks at, the following people don't need to get their passports renewed for certain countries, because they have been banned for life.


  • Chris Brown - the rapper can longer enter the UK because of his criminal record, and specifically, for beating up his then girlfriend Rihanna
  • Brad Pitt - banned for life in China, for starring in the 1997 movie 'Seven Years in Tibet'. The government was not pleased with their portrayal in the film
  • Alec Baldwin - can never step foot in the Philippines again, due to a joke he made on late night TV about getting a mail order bride from their country
  • Lady Gaga - banned in Indonesia for her outrageous outfits, and shows that are said to be too risque for the Indonesian audience
  • Harrison Ford - banned from China because of his outspoken support for Tibet
  • Akon - due to a Buddha statue in the background of his music video for 'Sexy Chick', the artist has been permanently banned by the government of Sri Lanka
  • 50 Cent - can never go to Canada again, because they think his music and videos promote gun violence
  • Miley Cyrus - on the 'Do Not Enter' list for China, who thinks that she made fun of their culture by slanting her eyes in a photo.She is also banned in the Domincan Republic for her 'reprehensible morals'
  • Snoop Dogg - He can hit the delete button on Norway after his arrest for marijuana in their airport got him a two year suspension
  • Beyonce - banned from Malaysia for being too sexy

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