When it comes to passwords, we've all got at least 10. I try to keep mine consistent with everything I use because I forget them all the time. Well, the bad thing about this is if I don't have a strong enough password, someone will be able to hack into my entire life. So, how do you even know if you have a bad password? Start by making sure it's not on this list of the worst passwords of 2017.

SplashData took a look at over 5 million leaked passwords in 2017. Amazingly, the passwords "123456" and the genius "password" topped the list.

One thing the study showed was many people choose passwords based on their names and hobbies. Passwords like "andrewfootball" or "jordanpoolplayer" can easily be figured out and cause loads of misery.

Below are the 10 worst passwords of 2017. For more info and tips on how to make a better password, check out SplashData.com

1 - 123456 (rank unchanged since 2016 list)

2 - password (unchanged)

3 - 12345678 (up 1)

4 - qwerty (Up 2)

5 - 12345 (Down 2)

6 - 123456789 (New)

7 - letmein (New)

8 - 1234567 (Unchanged)

9 - football (Down 4)

10 - iloveyou (New)


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