Even though you hated Titanic (even if that's just what you told everyone...we know...we know), you probably had a Leonardo DiCaprio haircut in the 90's. That must just mean that you didn't hate Titanic ENOUGH, cause the Taliban sure did!  They went so far as to ban the Leonardo DiCaprio haircut!!! Keep reading to see how far this went in Afghanistan!

From Inquisitr:

It’s only when Afghan boys began to watch Titanic and then copy Leonardo DiCaprio’s famous ‘do’ that the Taliban started to take notice.  According to NBC News.com, the Titanic and the Titanic haircut was considered a serious offense by the Taliban, and the arrests began to follow.


According to Today I Found Out, at least thirty barbers and countless teenage Afghan boys were arrested because of the Titanic haircut, with many others beaten and forced by the Taliban to shave off their DiCaprio mushroom cut.


Men starting wearing hats in public, in an effort to disguise their DiCaprio hairdos, and a chain of “underground barbers” began offering the Titanic haircut on the sly-after hours and away from public view.


According to one barber, Ahmed, in an interview with MSNBC.com and published on NBC News.com, he was arrested twice for giving the infamous Titanic haircut.


What do you think? Have you ever hated a movie so much you wanted something as simple as a haircut banned???

Would you have taken the chance at having a Leo haircut if you were there during that time?

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