So what is the secret to getting a good parking spot at Cajun Field for U-L's homecoming?  Assistant Director for Athletics and Marketing Promotions Eric Maron says you have to get there early.

Maron says there will be so many fans that will be tailgating and then going to the game, the best way to get parking, and to get to the game on time, is to make sure you get to Cajun Field early.

Where can you park?  Maron says, there is

"parking right adjacent to Cajun Field is restricted on the west side to RCAF (Ragin Cajun Athletic Foundation) members, people that give a certain level of donations.  On the North and East side of Cajun Field, is open to the general public, but again, you have to get here early for that. Once that parking fills up, people can park behind the Hilton Inn, or they can park over at Blackham Coliseum."

Maron says parking is really not that big of hassle.  He says,

"When you look at the Blackham and behind the Hilton Inn, I mean it's only a 100 yards, it's not a very long walk, and people have been used to the fact that they can park right here at the stadium and walk right in, but it's getting so busy here which is a good thing for everybody that the parking is filling up so it's only about a 100 yard walk from either location, and we're finding that a lot of people actually enjoy that fact because they can get in and out a lot easier."

As far as making sure you are in your seats when the game starts, Maron suggests,

"Get here early, get your tickets early, start making your way to the gates, the gates will open (for the game) at 2:30.  The only problem that we've had in the past is people sometimes think they can walk up to the gate ten minutes before the game and be in the seat by the time the game starts, and that just doesn't happen anymore, we have some good crowds coming in.  We have four gates that are open for entrance, so you don't have to come in State Farm Gate A, you've got the other three you can use as well, but I would start making my way up here about oh, I would say between 3:00 and 3:15 just to make sure you are in your seat when the game starts."

The game between U-L Lafayette and New Mexico State begins at 4 p.m. Saturday, November 2 at Cajun Field.

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