The Red Cross is getting ready for whatever the systems in the Gulf may bring. Acadiana needs to remember it is important to be prepared for the worst-case scenario and keep a watchful eye on the forecast.

Stephanie Wagner, the Regional Director of Communications and Marketing for the Red Cross told KATC, “In these events where we don't really know how strong it will be, where it will make landfall or even where the impacts will be on either side of the storm, that allows us to stage our supplies where they're easily accessible and ready our volunteers.”


Wagner added that the Red Cross is ready should Louisiana be impacted by tropical weather and volunteers are working hard.

We have volunteers preparing our kits for any kind of shelters that may have to be opened, evacuation centers and they're putting together our supplies for the relief operation should we have landfall here in Louisiana.     Stephanie Wagner

With COVID-19 added to the mix, naturally, relief efforts will have to be done differently this season so The Red Cross is trying to use local volunteers because of the pandemic. If there is an overwhelming need, they will need to bring people in to help.

Wagner told KATC that a lot of what they’re going to be doing will be virtually and behind the scenes. She added that in an effort to practice social distancing and limit any kind of issues with COVID with people coming into the state, they are trying to strengthen the volunteer core in Louisiana.

For details to volunteer, click here. To donate to the Red Cross, click here.

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