Because of the internet and the changing times, the very last Blockbuster store in Louisiana, located in Opelousas, is closing its doors. A little piece of my childhood just died a little bit.

The Opelousas Blockbuster has been open since the 80s, and owner Billy Mobley says the time has finally come to lock the doors. He tells KATC he remember when lines where 15 to 20 people deep waiting to rent movies.

I remember going to Blockbuster when I was a kid to rent movies or video games. It was a magical place of entertainment. We would spend at least an hour searching for the perfect movie to rent for the night. I love Netflix, but I definitely miss the old Blockbuster days.

From KATC -

Mobley has owned the franchise in Opelousas for 14 years. He said has the digital aged has evolved; the physical nature of renting out a movie has disappeared.

“The internet has changed everything,” Mobley said.

“Generally the summers are a very good time for us and we just didn't see the lift in business this year that we normally do,” said Mobley.


While supplies last, you can score some good deals on the movies that are in the store. Owner Mobley says everything must go.

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