This is just a reminder.

While we are all doing our best to "keep clean" during the coronavirus pandemic, there are a few things out in public that are not so clean.

I have personally stopped myself in the process of grabbing or touching these things and said, "You don't know if this contaminated."

Here are FIVE things out in the public that you need to sanitize prior to touching or grabbing.

THE GAS PUMP: So many people grab the handle at the gas pump and never consider wiping it down. If you have a disinfectant wipe in your vehicle, use it prior to pumping gas. You should probably also wipe down the keypad if you're using a debit or credit card.

DOOR HANDLES: While this may be tedious to always clean, door handles out in public are nasty and filled with germs. If you don't feel like always having to wipe down a handle, wearing protective gloves may be a good option, at least for the next few weeks

ATM MACHINES: In the days and weeks ahead, many of you may be using ATMs to withdraw money. Prior to using the keypads on these machines, it is a good idea to wipe down the surface. A lot of people are using ATMs these days, so protect yourself.

DEBIT/CREDIT CARD MACHINES: If you're out shopping during this pandemic, you already know that you are not the only one. And most people are using their cards at the point of purchase. Again, do what you have to do to protect yourself from any type of virus or bacteria and wipe down what you're about to touch.

SHOPPING CARTS: Yes, these things are dirty too. I want to start by saying that several local stores have done a great job by offering up sanitizer wipes at their entrance. They are there for you to wipe down the handle of the carts. Use them!

I share this with you not to scare you, but rather to remind you. We are moving really fast these days while out in public, but if you slow down for a second, you will be able to protect yourself in the long-run.

Look, if we all do our small part to contain this latest virus going around, we will see an end to this pandemic sooner rather than later.

Be safe out there and listen to the game plan.


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