It’s been five years since the Cult have released a new full-length album, but all that will change come May 22 when the band drops ‘Choice of Weapon’ via Cooking Vinyl Records. In the meantime, the new song ‘Lucifer’ is available as a free download below.

‘Choice of Weapon’ is a diverse collection of new songs written by the core duo of singer Ian Astbury and guitarist Billy Duffy. The disc was co-produced by Chris Goss and the legendary Bob Rock, both long time friends of the band, Rock having produced some of the band’s most successful releases to date including 1989’s ‘Sonic Temple.’

We caught up with guitarist Billy Duffy to get his thoughts on ’Lucifer,’ the first song from the upcoming disc that the band is releasing to the public. Much to our surprise, the tune isn’t about the crimson colored, horn-rimmed evil fiend from down under as the name would suggest, in fact, according to Duffy, “It’s absolutely nothing to do with the devil at all, that’s what’s pretty funny. It couldn’t be less to do with that than ‘Karma Chameleon.’” He went on to explain, “It’s not about that at all, it’s about a person in a hedonist lifestyle.”

When Loudwire asked Duffy his take on the song, he told us, “’Lucifer’ to me would be like more about the bridge scene in ‘Apocalypse Now,’ – when I listen to ‘Lucifer’, that’s what I think about. It’s about excess.”

Weighing in on the sonic aspects of the song that starts off pretty heavy, Duffy described it as follows: “This song lends itself to a guitar, acid trip, gun fight.”

The album artwork seen below, depicts a veiled shaman. Ian Astbury spoke to Rolling Stone about the significance: “I wanted to have an image that in some way reflected the sentiment of not only the record, of the deepest sentiment of the record, but also the sentiment of what’s going on in society.

Listen to ‘Lucifer’ below and check back with Loudwire shortly for our full interview with Billy Duffy.

Download ’Lucifer’ From The Cult’s ‘Weapon of Choice’

The Cult, ‘Choice of Weapon’ – Track List

Honey From a Knife
Elemental Light
For The Animals
The Wolf
Wilderness Now
A Pale Horse
This Night in the City Forever

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