The Cult singer Ian Astbury married Black Ryder singer-bassist Aimee Nash this past Sunday (May 26) at the Little Old Church of the West chapel in Las Vegas. According to People, the couple wed before the Cult took the stage at the M Resort that night.

Astbury and Nash met when Black Ryder opened up for the Cult in Australia. The couple had been engaged for several months prior to their exchange of vows over the weekend.

The Cult just released their ninth studio album Choice of Weapon’ earlier this month. This is the first album they’ve released since 2007’s ‘Born Into This.’

The band will be touring extensively for the rest of this year. They just hit the road for a month long North American tour with Against Me! in support of their new album. This tour will run through June 23 in Hollywood, and band plans to hit the U.K. for a month-long tour in July.


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