On last night’s episode (May 12) of ‘That Metal Show,’ the Cult‘s Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy appeared along with Teutonic metal warrior Doro. Both spoke about their history and their future, reminding us that long-running metal acts continue to have gas in the tank. They also separately addressed one of the biggest bands on earth and being married to metal.

Additionally, Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello sat in on the Top 5 segment and said that there is “nothing on that front” regarding a new Rage record.

Astbury and Duffy spoke about working with uber producer Bob Rock before Metallica did, saying that Astbury suggested that Rock get the band to sing when he worked on the ‘Black’ album. So they all joked that Metallica’s massive success could be indirectly attributed to the Cult.

The band also spoke about being loved by both the alt and the metal crowd and “doing whatever it takes to survive” with new album ‘Choice of Weapon.’

Doro was also a guest, dressed head-to-toe in leather and studs. She would set off a metal detector with her attire. She recently celebrated 25 years of rocking and she still speaks with the ebullience of a teenager! Her first love is metal, as she said, “I have never been married. I don’t have kids. I’m married to the metal.”

She will celebrate her 30th anniversary soon and plans to release ‘Raise Your First’ and do a tour of the States to celebrate.

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