This story is not for the faint of heart. Samong Traisattha, vocalist for Thai black metal band Surrender of Divinity, was allegedly murdered on Jan. 8. According to various sources, the deceased musician's widow, Jaruvan Surapol, named fan Prakarn Harnphanbusakorn as the key suspect.

According to the Bangkok Post, the suspected murderer came over to the couple's home "to have some shirts screen-printed and to have a drink." As Surapol went to put the couple's child to bed, only to find her husband dead in their living room, having been stabbed to death. Prakarn was nowhere to be found once the Surrender of Divinity vocalist's body was discovered.

Here's where the story takes an even more disturbing twist. A Facebook user under the name of Maleficent Meditation has taken credit for the slaying, posting a photo of Samong's body before typing up a detailed confession for the murder. The translation of the post is a bit shaky, but it seems that whoever wrote the post confesses to murdering Samong because he played black metal, but was not a true Satanist:


Why I killed them, it doesn't matter very much. I intend to do atwinibatkam (commit suicide) at age 25, charging the main points, I would be dead at all, they get to drag the damn concept of a cult of Satan (Satanism) to eight with two bodies, neither sleep really dead, there are still elements of Satan message notopklap that agreed with (I am a daily meditation meditation requires 30-60 minutes of breath and fastened themselves in front of the mirror. 30-60 minutes), but I can't ignore the women and children to death, but at least I know it will be what element to Satan, not the toys they are going to play well in front of the Messenger page without limit, then Hail a forum without having real faith. If you guys don't believe in Satan, and Satan is not a leading Islamist elements Symbol lu, another religion. You guys just get yourself into something else. Not pretentious and called themselves that there is a Satanic concept and the swearing, I don't believe that Satan element in driving maeng. I believe this is the most ordinary stuff ...... Swearing is not Satan enough elements to scold a person's religion, this guy really is a Satanist nun did not have another Messenger page ด่ศาสนา without limit, of course, ridiculous because in the eyes of the Muslim faith, Christianity, Buddhist, I like the way how raengkla I am to them, rather than their regards the damn fool yourself, get yourself a Satanist but have the cheek to not know what amount of rain. It's like a stream of children, they're sure to scramble more than pubic hair, and I said if I did not dare to kill him someday, a Buddhist who has been maeng. Christian people or Muslim people. Khreng killed all the bands, of course, so I hand this time carnage at first I intended to make death more 20-30 dead, but due to the inconvenient condition. Police set up a checkpoint at full city alone, I thought improved planning contributed to the killings at begin murdering one possible better and saw in the news that I am a music fan to trump the other band Of this Divinity Surrender I say at present. I am not a music fan-man band concept ordinary stuff here at all, and don't remove the this case to compare with John. He also differs with Bannon lane sky with them we hear a common flow content does not contain anything on this even better than a million times. And the area police issues this killing caused by ingestion of beer drunk, and then have a Brawler. I said yes, not because I intend to go kill it already. Preparation knives hidden inside a military shirt before. The form that took it to his jacket, then paint it was invited to eat the most beer per, which I will have more time to wait when it accidentally and are waiting for a time, it was dark, and now and then, between the same beer but didn't have what any other brawler. Another issue that has come to make the descent that the drug matter with sin, the girl. I never trade any drugs and I don't have a very long history with fans since the beginning the year 2556 (2013) last year.

I am a professional woman with a knife, he stabbed it runs damn news post some errors that I stab wounds to three, but really, I'm more than 30 times, hurl, though, and not as a finishing step, accidentally behind. I stood vis-à-vis it to gouge knife out and stabbed in the neck at the front, there are no rua finishing without all the Gore wound and see it struggling to crawl, grasping the dog now lives, request hand lifting it say "don't" sound it out, but the wind, along with krachut blood comes out as it said but I am betting it is repeated at the kralok again again (sometimes knives, titkra a dozen chances are difficult to pull off.) I just know that the murder with a knife, it has beautiful words. Excitement The mood over the use of guns was shot dozens of times and just done, I returned to my hotel where meditation is a rental, and of course, I do not regret the things themselves do.

It's their family, friends, or it could be a curse to curse me, but I dig out that death as well, such as foot-and-mouth man suits it, and above all. Satan was not part of the play. Do not believe do not believe do not call yourself a Satanist is not the kind of person I was very violent PC!!!!! Not loud, but not seasoned complain thugs stillness, of course, I had a ammahit cold blood.

Life after death of the hair that I have nothing to say but then I'd have to live in the land of demons and the element would take after death meditation. No matter how many hundred years or a thousand ten on my path.

Don't press them, this State is the element I just want to clarify a little, and thanks for reading until the end. All persons, regardless of whether anyone who read this message. You shall adhere to conduct his or her own path regardless of spoofing yourself. Do what you think needs to be done, and then we meet again if we have the same dimension after dimension Hail Satan!!!

Surrender of Divinity memorialized their bandmate on the band's Facebook page:

AVAEJEE, our Black Vomitor/Bass Thunder and most importantly our blood-brother has passed away yesterday by a cruel murdered.

No words can express about this lost in our horde.

Have a rest down there brother!
May our blackest flames blazing bright forever!

Stay tuned for further developments on this story.

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