Once you've lived in the Abilene, Texas area long enough, you've probably driven by the "big white mansion" on Buffalo Gap Road. It is easily one of the unique buildings in our entire area.

I've heard a million and one stories about this place, but I've only seen it from the outside, until now.

Nick Summers, who is the host of the Youtube channel "Exploring with Project Bad", recently received permission to 'explore' this mystic mansion and his video exploration is nothing short of incredible and breathtaking.

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Even one of the comments on the video sums up what we all think.

I've driven past this house for about 30 years. This is the first time I'm seeing the inside of it. [Nick via Exploring with Project Bad]

The white mansion is decked out in tons of marble, elegant crown molding, lots of gold,  seven bedrooms, one extra-large master, and even a mother-in-law suite. Check out these amazing photos taken from the video above.

LOOK: Inside the White Mansion on Buffalo Gap Road

I know we've all thought it, but I'm going to say it. This place is perfect for an end-of-the-world party. Seriously, a little spit and elbow grease, and this place will be cleaned up perfectly in order to enjoy armageddon.

The host of Exploring with Project Bad, Nick Summers, took a few minutes to chat with us about this mansion and some of his other explorations.

Where are you from and how did you get into exploring and ghost hunting?

I’m from the west coast but not Cali. Been living in Texas for over seven years. Worked the oil fields till my horrible accident in 2019. Broke 27 bones in my back including my entire lumbar. Had to relearn how to walk again after a back brace for 12 months. So with my passion for the past and history. After rehab I grabbed a camera kicked the painkillers. Studied my history and started walking and filming as a hobby. So a year and a half after my accident I started Exploring With Project Bad ( badass documentary ) to help with my rehab.

What’s been the craziest “exploration” you’ve had to date?

Most crazy adventure so far… so many especially when you are half handicapable lol
I’d say the McCartney Hotel in Texarkana. Felt like someone real was following us and the cops chillin outside. Definitely exciting and nerve-wracking. Good for the soul to feel alive in past history.

How did you come across the white mansion in Abilene?

Over seven years ago...when you see it you never forget it. Just sit there and wonder every time you drive by. Still has that effect on a lot of us in town.

Being a ghost hunter, did you feel any strange vibes in the white mansion?

Naw I didn’t feel anything to make me want to ask to hunt it or have a deeper look. You can tell quickly when exploring if a place feels not alone.

Were there any areas in the mansion that was 100% off-limits?

Yes, there are a few spots I didn’t show. For example, I barely showed the red oak library...gotta let the mansion keep some of her secrets and beauty.

Can you give us any insight on some upcoming ghost hunting or explorations?

A never-ending list of adventures and history in the works. Got a little road trip coming up. Gets hard to travel far with past injuries. But like Texas, I got that grit!

How would someone donate to your ‘cause’?

Sadly now travel and fuel prices make it hard not just for me but for everyone…  and money can be tight after the accident. But like the old American Spirit, I find a way to make it through. I am blessed even on hard days or bad weeks. Got a great wife who works hard every day. Believes in me. You know that rare stuff. But if anyone wants to donate to the adventures and history being told on color. They can donate to the channels cashapp I literally just started. I hate asking. But if people want to donate my cashapp is $ProjectBad. You can also find the link in my “about” on my YouTube channel.

One last question, where's the most haunted place you've explored so far?

The most haunted I’ve ever encountered has been Abilene and a house off Pioneer Street that I’ll be returning to soon. I don’t run cause I pretty much can’t if I wanted to. But I almost did there.

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