Testament's new record, Brotherhood of the Snake, dropped on Friday (Oct. 28) and the band is keeping plenty of buzz around their 11th studio offering. A music video for the second track on the album, "The Pale King," has been made, with clever cuts aligning with lyrical symbolism.

Opening with a whirring noise, the song then kicks off with a riffstorm that is unmistakably Testament. Eric Peterson takes the lead while the rest of the band accents the rhythms and gradually work their collective way into the track. With another spotlight lick, "The Pale King" delivers a slightly nervous mid-tempo that perfectly sets the stage for Chuck Billy and his vivid narrative.

Clips of faceless, shadowy figures are spliced in alongside their lyrical counterpart, just one of many alien references in the song. Each member of the thrash outfit is shown isolated, backed by CGI graphics to round out the cryptic imagery. One of the highlights, of course, is getting an up-close shot of Peterson and Alex Skolnick tearing off scorching solos.

"Secret societies, unknown other worlds, and superstitions mark this, our 13th music video," said Peterson. "We wanted to do a band performance video with abstract ancient alien visuals, which we are set in. I think it's easily one of our best so far and it was a lot of fun to make and work with Nuclear Bast recently newcomer Tommy Jones! Hails!"

Testament are currently on tour in Europe, providing direct support for viking metal icons Amon Amarth with Grand Magus rounding out the remainder of the bill. For a full list of stops, visit the band's Facebook page and grab your copy of Brotherhood of the Snake at the Nuclear Blast webstore or digitally here.

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