How many bands get to say that they played a gig on a igloo north of the Arctic Circle? You can add TesseracT as the only band to say they have achieved that. They were chosen for Jagermeister's Ice Cold Gig 2015.

The band traveled to a remote part of Lapland in Northern Finland to play a gig on a igloo and a stage built completely of ice. The video above shows their experience from the arrival to the actual gig, in which you can see them performing "Of mind: Nocturne" from their latest album Altered State.

The band had this to say about this once in a lifetime experience:

“The venue and the people that work there was the true star of this event. They worked tirelessly to create a spectacular stage for us to perform on, and were so friendly, it felt like we belonged there. What a truly wonderful experience. One that we’d love to repeat somehow.”